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We’ve been talking to our users a lot recently. We asked what you really need your audience data for, and what stops you from getting the most out of it. Your answers became Audience Finder Answers: the new insight tool, designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need the most and use it effectively to achieve your audience goals.

How you can use it today

Depending on what data you have, you can already:

  • Instantly view and download an Arts Council England compliant audience report.
  • See your ticketing and survey catchment areas.
  • Get an overview of your Audience Spectrum profiles.
  • Understand the Mosaic UK and Mosaic Scotland profiles of your audiences.
  • Compare your audience profiles between two productions.
  • Drill down to see which local authorities your bookers come from.
  • Download your survey data.

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How it fits with Audience Finder Original & Show Stats

If you currently use Audience Finder Original or Show Stats don't worry, they're not going anywhere. If you have an account with either of these tools, then you're already registered for Audience Finder Answers. We want you to be able to access the platforms you know and rely on whilst we build this new tool.

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Help us make it better for you

We'll be adding and improving features all the time and we want you with us every step of the way. When you login to Answers you'll see a variety of ways you can easily give us your suggestions and ideas. That feedback is vital to us so we can build new features that are useful to you and make existing ones better.

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