Take your data journey further with our range of tailored services

CHRIS'S COPY: From discovering more on the population within your catchment area to working as part of a benchmarking project with organisations in your local region. Guided by our team, we can design options catered to your requirements and provide a range of templated reports for quick and easy access to the insight you need.

Subsidised by our funders, this range of highly affordable tools and services will help you get a bit more out of Audience Finder. Developed with our users, each of these services helps tailor Audience Finder to meet more specific needs.




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Enhancements and Custom Add-ons

The standard enhancements and reports are available at individual cost. For enquiries contact us. For bespoke reports or data analysis get in touch.

1. No Data:

Area Profile Report
From £125+VAT
Find out more about the population in your area with our Area Profile Reports
Bespoke Reports
Find out about audience behaviour, motivations or profiles based on artform or area.

2. Survey Data:

Using Face-to-face and/or Email Surveys.

Custom comparators
£100 +VAT per organisation per year
(minimum 3 organisations, maximum cost £1,000 +VAT)
Additional survey themes
£100 +VAT each theme per year**
Enhanced dashboard features
£500 +VAT per year
Additional Premium Questions
  • If you wish to add further questions from our list of Premium Questions, in addition to the 5 that may be added free of charge, you may do so at a cost of £100 + VAT per question per year.
Bespoke Questions
  • Bespoke questions can be added to your survey at a cost of £100 + VAT per question per year.

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Bespoke services
  • Sample frame
  • Bespoke reporting
  • In house fieldworker training

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3. Ticketing Data:

Using Automated Ticketing Data Office Analytics.
Custom comparators
£100 +VAT per organisation per year
(minimum 3 organisations, maximum cost £1,000 +VAT)
Venue/auditoria splits
£500 +VAT*
Enhanced dashboard features
£1,000 +VAT
Bespoke services
  • Customer tagging
  • Data mining
  • Custom reports

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4. Digital Analytics Data:

Using Website Analytics
Bespoke support to understand your Digital Audiences
From £300+VAT
Bespoke reporting
Got a question about your digital audiences? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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