Enhanced Tickets Dashboard

Gain greater insight into your audiences and compare productions or seasons with the Enhanced Tickets Dashboard.

The Enhanced Tickets Dashboard makes understanding your audiences and reporting on them even easier, with our three enhanced filters:

  1. Compare productions or seasons using the custom date range
  2. More artform choices enable you to better understand your audiences by sub-genres (e.g. new writing rather than just 'Plays & Drama'
  3. Explore the behaviour of specific Audience Spectrum types in your data

All three can be used effectively as a stand-alone filter, or in combination with another.

Take a look at how The Point in Eastleigh use the insights from the Enhanced Dashboard here.

Cost: £1,000 + VAT per year for all three enhanced filters or £350 + VAT each


Call The Audience Finder support team on 020 7260 2505 or email support@theaudienceagency.org for more information.