Including... Google's announcement regarding third party cookies, Opera North's new immersive trailer and the latest update from Mark Zuckerberg.

January 24, 2020
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Katie Moffat

Hello, this is issue 103 of Digital Snapshot - all the news, ideas and good reads about digital & audiences. You can find all previous issues here. If you need help with your digital challenges, please do get in touch.

And a quick reminder that we have a few places left on our Data For... workshop series, which will help you to make the most of your data and apply it to your everyday work. I'm doing one on Data For...Digital Marketing.

News & Updates

  • Instagram has launched some new tools for businesses, including some good additions to their analytics. They are also testing the option to send DMs via desktop - which I'm sure will be welcomed by social media managers.
  • Don't expect an edit button on Twitter anytime soon. In this interview with Wired, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey explains (three minutes in) why they don't want to introduce an edit button.
  • Some other Twitter news, including that they may be considering allowing 'tips for tweets' - could be a useful fundraising option.
  • For those of you with LinkedIn pages, there are a few new features you'll want to be aware of.
  • MASSIVE news in the online advertising world as Google has announced that they are going to phase out third party cookies on Google Chrome, within two years. The BBC has written about the implications (plus make some wider points about cookie use). You can read the original Google announcement here.
  • In the world of Facebook, their Director of Product provided details about some upcoming changes to Custom Audiences (used in Facebook advertising), essentially giving more control to Facebook users to prevent businesses from using their data as part of a Custom Audience.
  • Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg put out his annual 'here's my focus for the year' post. But rather than a "personal challenge", he's now taking a "longer term focus" on the things he think will be important over the next decade. Worth a read given that he owns one of the most powerful websites on the planet.
  • And finally, for this section, new service Mine aims to make it easier for individuals to instruct companies to delete their data.

Useful & bookmarkable

    • A nifty tool that will check your email newsletter to see how well it conforms to accessibility standards.
    • Via the Museums Computer Group email list, a handy Google spreadsheet listing the CRM and ticketing systems used by museums around the world.
    • Two Google Analytics dashboard templates that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of your email newsletters.
    • A huge (226 pages!) list of trends for 2020 from one of the big agency insights team, not exclusively digital but worth a browse.

Fun, inspirational & the rest

Good Reads

  • A very long read about online culture wars referred to in this piece as 'The Internet of Beefs. This is sharp, original thinking.
  • I am about two-thirds of the way through Anna Wiener's excellent memoir about her life as a mid-20-something, working in the tech industry for a variety of tech start-ups (with all the associated jargon, bluffing and machismo). It was the massive positive reaction to this article, published anonymously in 2016, that made her decide to expand it into a book, for which there was a bidding war for the publishing rights. Recommended.

That's all for this issue. You can find our past editions here. If you have been working on any interesting digital projects that you can share, please do let me know. You can find me or The Audience Agency on Twitter.

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