Including...the first Digital Snapshot Live, Ofcom's annual Online Nation report and a guide to digital safeguarding.

July 3, 2020
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Katie Moffat

Hello, welcome to the Digital Snapshot, a round-up of digital ideas, advice and good reads as relevant to the arts & culture sector.

We have some announcements!

Firstly, we have launched a new programme, Bounce Forwards, designed to help organisations get through these challenging times. It has three parts:

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat about how we can help.

Secondly, we are running a 'Digital Snapshot Live' event! This will be a free, online session in which we will talk about interesting digital projects, useful new resources and anything else noteworthy. It'll be short, informal (if you've come across anything entertaining or informative then bring it along to share) and it's a bit of an experiment, so we'll welcome your feedback. Sign up here for the first one, which will be on Friday 24 July.


  • Facebook has shared a guide to its newsfeed for publishers. This is useful for anyone running a Facebook page because it explains what 'signals' Facebook uses to decide what to prioritise in the news feed, for example, Definitely worth a read.

  • We may have mentioned this before but, in case not, Facebook is also starting to allow charging for access to live streams.

  • And finally on Facebook - they have launched a "invite only beta" for Forecast, a platform to crowdsource predictions, "Members of the community can pose questions about the future, make predictions, and discuss and distill their knowledge into a single forecast." Difficult not to be cynical and suggest this is very much about Facebook collecting more and more data.

  • Instagram is making it easier for more organisations to sell directly from the app.

  • In what seems like a smart move by Twitter, they are running an experiment that aims to stop people sharing links they see (on Twitter) that they haven't actually read.

  • In case you want an alternative to Zoom, Google Meet is now free to use for everyone. Apparently, in the coming weeks, they are adding 'active noise cancellation' - to reduce the background noise from barking dogs, delivery drivers or family arguments!

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That's it for this issue, you can find all past issues of the Digital Snapshot here. Remember we can support you with strategy, research, consultancy and a whole range of training, do get in touch. Keep safe.

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