Including... Museum Next Digital Summit, Open Data Institute, and Reddit's April Fools post.

April 6, 2022
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Adam Koszary

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Snapshot, bringing you all the latest digital news, ideas, tips and guidance for the arts, culture, museums and heritage world.

Latest News

Useful / bookmarkable

  • I've been swotting up on the idea of Data Institutions recently, "organisations that steward data on behalf of others, often towards a public, educational or charitable aim." If that sounds up your street, check out the Open Data Institute for more information.

  • The Digital Heritage Hub, managed by the Arts Marketing Association, is launching on 28 April to help provide answers to "small to medium sized heritage organisations' most pressing and frequently asked digital questions." Learn more at their free launch event.

  • Joe Vaughan at The MERL asked Twitter for "examples of ways that museums have engaged audiences with their work and/or collections digitally that aren't social media, blogs, or 360-degree tours." Twitter delivered.

  • I've started compiling any digital and content job descriptions I can get my hands on. View them all here.

  • Culture 24 is running a free seminar on digital leadership and the role of digital skills and literacies in building organisational capacity on 26 April. And even better, it's free.

Distracting / entertaining / inspiring

  • For April Fools Day, Reddit relaunched r/place - an open canvas where users could place a single pixel every five minutes. The result was anarchy, hilarity and creativity. There are definitely some lessons on digital participation here for art galleries.

  • I'm weirdly obsessed by this Twitter account that announces when famous people reach their Meldrew Point (the same age as Richard Wilson when episode 1 of One Foot In The Grave aired).

  • The National Archives are killing it on TikTok. Here's one reason why.

Good Reads

  • According to Microsoft, people are having 250% more meetings than before the pandemic. Ed Zitron explores why this "makes sense and deeply sucks".

  • My old boss and content strategy genius, Louise Cohen, has joined One Further and reflected on her time at the Royal Academy of Arts in this guest blog. Worth a read for the Muppets' version of American Gothic alone.

And that’s all for this edition. If you come across any interesting or noteworthy content or have any of your own projects to share please do send it my way. Don't forget we're here to support you with training, research and consultancy, so please do get in touch. You can find all past editions of the Digital Snapshot here.

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You can find me or The Audience Agency on Twitter. See you soon.

Adam Koszary

Head of Digital, The Audience Agency

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