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A young person’s perspective on the conversation around engaging with his generation...

22 year old Henry Baker, part of the Wired4Music network, attended our recent London audience insight event, From Baby Boomers to Gen z: addressing the audience age gap.

Here are his thoughts following the event…

On Wednesday 11 January I attended an insight event held by The Audience Agency. From the outset I was very excited to be taking part. I was looking forward to listening to experts in the field speak on topics that cover my own generation, the millennials, which is often criticised for being the laziest of generations.

Hearing Callum McGeoch from Livity, speak with extreme insight about the younger generation opened my eyes to what is currently being done to help, guide, and inspire young people.

One way is getting them involved in activities and workshops they might not have had the opportunity to participate in otherwise. Listening to a professional speak so enthusiastically about the millennial generation, for me, was very powerful and inspiring. It gave me ideas on what more can be done, as well as hearing about projects that were completely brand new to me.

Being one of the younger participants at the event, it was interesting to hear a number of positive questions guided toward what more can be done, as well as what is being done to bridge the age gap in the audience and to attract a wider and younger movement of people taking part in events they wouldn’t normally consider attending.

Overall the day was extremely insightful, positive, and uplifting - coming from a young perspective. I felt I learnt a vast amount on the various topics that were covered in the talks, from Audience Spectrum to data and research obtained on who attends what events.

As a young person who has only recently moved to London, hearing from such a vast range of people in all areas of the arts sector has been a big motivator for me to participate more. I will get involved in events such as this one more, to give a voice on behalf of young people who are passionate and excited to get involved in the arts world.