The Value of Everything

Flights, dinner, obligatory picture on the titanic stairs…Belfast we made it!

Flights, dinner, obligatory picture on the titanic stairs (thanks Leo)…Belfast we made it! And you’ve welcomed us with open arms.

I’m sure your head is spinning with ideas and you’re fighting to keep the tiredness at bay as day two begins. But before we reflect on yesterday's events, I want to remind you of the challenge posed by Tim Wood in Tuesday's launch speech.

1. Share – one thing with your colleagues

2. Change – the way you do something

3. Converse – beyond the end of the conference with someone

With the day one complete, I hope you’ve had time to think about this more. What’s stood out? Is there anything you’ve heard which you don’t agree with? Have you met someone or lots of people you want to chat to beyond the conference?

Before my trip began, I had a think about what I would like to experience at this year's conference. From hearing about the breadth of great work being done to build new or develop existing audiences, to finding out new ways to do really practical things, to understanding the key big themes emerging from the sector.

My takeaways / musings for day one include:-

1. Emailing/ meetings kills creativity

2. Developing your networks and profile is about getting out there (raving three times a week)

3. Is there a Venn diagram for grime/dancehall and poetry – there should be!

4. If you stop feeling joy, how can you both relate to and create joy for your audiences?

5. Is the term hard to reach obsolete?

6. What is the sector role in responding to and documenting world events?

7. How do we tackle the representation of ‘privilege’ in the cultural workforce?

8. We need to discover and challenge our personal bias

9. Hire the best person to shape the best team – it’s probably not you!

10. Diverse boards create more profitable organisations

11. Don’t assume audiences behave the same across the UK, communities are formed and structured in different ways and will not respond how you expect them to.

12. Is art really for everyone?

13. You don’t always need to start something and know where it will end up.

14. Are we forgetting the artists’ role when developing our audiences?

15. GDPR – we need to make a start

What are were takeaways from day one? Has anything made to onto your three challenges yet?

Finally as we begin day two, I want to finish this post by encouraging you to share one positive failure with a peer or colleague. We have the power through collective learning and adaptation to find the answers, and our discussions beyond the keynotes and sessions are as important to our ability to respond to audiences now and in the future.

I'll be on The Audience Agency stand on level one today - come and join us for a coffee and a chat.

Zoe Papiernik-Bloor Consultancy Manager