Top Tips | Engagement Mission

How to ensure your freelancers and ambassadors are on board with your engagement mission...

Earlier in the year I ran a couple of training sessions, which although had slightly different remits (one for freelance artists delivering family sessions, one for family ambassadors within a front of house team), both focused on how to engage families and the importance of doing so. We have previously covered some top tips for engaging families in The Learning Diaries.

Delivering these sessions made me reflect on the fact that for many audiences, it is often freelancers and ambassadors that are the face of your organisation. It’s great to see organisations commissioning training in how to support these roles and keep those on the front line engaged in their audience development objectives.

Some common themes emerged from these two sessions about the wider role of the organisation in supporting staff with these dedicated ‘family-friendly’ roles to carry them out to maximum effect.
Here are some top tips about how to do this:

  • Provide opportunities to engage with other staff and share knowledge about the target audience
  • Help them to feel part of a wider team and fit in to the dynamics and targets of the wider organisation. For example, invite them to new gallery openings or give regular updates on what’s coming up in terms of new exhibitions/programmes and the context or rationale behind them
  • Build audience-specific insight into training for freelance and creative team members
  • Link freelancers and ambassadors up more with marketing teams to convey the right messages when advertising activities for a specific audience

Katie Windsor, Consultant - Learning and Participation