Free discussion forums to help you use Audience Finder and Show Stats. Join a regional session to share tips, queries and updates.

Community Forum Online is a new event series that aims to help you make the most of Audience Finder and Show Stats, by sharing ideas and approaches with peers. As well as introducing new tips and tools, forums are a space for exchange among our community of users. Each session consists of 1 hour and 30 minute sessions for between 20-25 users open to all organisations from across England, Wales and Scotland.

Community Forum Online is a rolling programme designed to help the Audience Finder community to learn from each other about using research and data in practical ways. It is also an opportunity for us to get the feedback that will help us develop the Audience Finder tools and resources you need.

We are currently trialling these sessions, so come prepared to discuss, engage and join themed round-table discussions with fellow users.

Please see available dates listed below.

Who can join?

This event is suitable for any users currently contributing data to Audience Finder or Show Stats – we’d love to hear what marketers, fundraisers, programmers, box office personnel and other users have to say. 

Please note that we also run free In Practice sessions for those looking for one-to-one support and guidance on the practical application of the data-driven insights that Audience Finder and Show Stats provide.

Find out more about one-to-one In Practice sessions.

If you are a completely new user and/or organisation to Audience Finder, we recommend you book an Onboarding session or contact our Support team for an introduction to the platform and a discussion on your objectives, before booking onto a forum.

Find out more about Onboarding sessions.

Available dates and topics:

Community Forum Online - Scotland
Wednesday 10 February 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Key topic:

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Additional dates will be announced shortly. Please keep an eye on our newsletters for additional information and updates.

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Looking for one-to-one support?

Our In Practice sessions are personalised, one-to-one session tailored to you and your organisation. Available to book now, these free sessions guide you through the practical application of the data-driven insights that Audience Finder and Show Stats provide.

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