This free webinar offers insight into how different Audience Spectrum segments are impacted by and are responding to COVID-19 and how that affects you.


This workshop is aimed at those who want to understand how the COVID-19 may affect their audiences, recognising that the impact and responses differ for different groups.

It will be useful for senior staff planning revised offers and developing reopening plans, as well as those in engagement, marketing, development and other roles who will be interacting with audiences directly.


Coronavirus has affected all of us: but it has also affected us all very differently. It has made some things, like age, health, location and household composition, even more important drivers of behaviour than they were before. Some groups will also be much more exposed to the economic aftershock than others. This workshop will help you work through these and many other implications for your audience, through the use of Audience Spectrum.

Summaries of the impact by segment will be shared and discussed, to help you to shape your response to COVID-19 in a way appropriate to the different segments.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the different Audience Spectrum groups and how they have been affected by and will respond to, COVID-19
  • The likely short-, medium- and long-term implications of those impacts
  • How you can respond most effectively as a result.


This session takes the form of a 90 minute workshop-style webinar, with opportunities to work through practical examples (based on your own organisation, for those in Audience Finder).

Date: Tuesday 3 November 2020 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost: Free

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