Explores how organisations can use human centred design to become more inclusive while also increasing visitor numbers, diversity and satisfaction.


This session is for those leading audience development strategy – chief execs, heads of marketing, education or programming. Design thinking is a collaborative, organisation wide approach affecting everyone.


This short session introduces key concepts with some consideration of “what works” based on real-life case studies, including pilots in 6 European countries.

What will you learn:

  • What human centred design is
  • How it could benefit your organisation and your leadership approach
  • How to rethink your organisational approach to audiences
  • How to work more inclusively and collaboratively with your teams
  • How to design different experiences for different audiences
  • How to build new or better relationships with key target groups


Anne Torreggiani, CEO of The Audience Agency

Anne is a specialist in audience and engagement trends, and audience development policy and practice. She has a particular interest in the application of design thinking in audience development and community engagement. As well as working with individual organisations in this field, she has designed and delivered a number of leadership programmes on the subject including Design Thinking for Audience Development, Erasmus Plus with Goldsmiths University and the largescale Creative Europe project, Adeste+ Audience Centred Change Programme.

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This session takes the form of a 90 minute workshop-style webinar with opportunities to discuss practical applications.

Date: Thursday 30 July, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Cost: FREE

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