This free introductory session offers commercial managers within creative organisations an overview of how to use digital to replace revenues lost through the impact of COVID-19.


This workshop is aimed at people in creative organisations – from design, architecture or fashion through TV, film or immersive to arts, culture or heritage, and beyond – who want fresh ideas on how to rethink their business models to be ‘digital’.


In a shift to digital, it’s tempting to create digital versions of what you do now, sell them to the same people and use online for promotion and payments. This will almost never work. (See this article for an argument why)

In the 2020s more than ever, consumers buy digital experiences, products, services and content from everyone from Netflix to the National, eBay to Etsy. In their eyes entertainment, leisure, learning and culture are all part of the same big melting pot – and there isn’t a separate thing labelled ‘digital’.

What you will learn:

This workshop will give creative commercial managers an overview of the different ways that digital can be used to transform a creative enterprise from commercial media company to non-profit cultural venue, and many others in between.

We will cover the basics of:

  • Designing your offerings around customer needs
  • Deciding the ‘digital’ elements of each offering
  • Borrowing from digital business models of other sectors

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of a digital maturity self-assessment tool they can go on to use to help plan their digital innovations.

Workshop leaders:

Patrick Towell, CEO of Golant Innovation and Sophia Woodley, Senior Consultant.

Our particular expertise

Golant Innovation team members are:

  • Former Growth Accelerator coaches and trainers specialising in creative enterprises
  • Financial and business advisors for Arts Council England
  • Former Resilience Advisors for Arts Council Wales


This session takes the form of a 90 minute participatory online workshop with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with peers from a diversity of creative backgrounds and disciplines.

Date: Thursday 6 August 2020, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost: FREE

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