This in-depth session offers commercial managers within creative organisations practical ways to innovate with digital to replace revenues lost through the impact of COVID-19.


This masterclass is aimed at people in creative organisations – from design, architecture or fashion through TV, film or immersive to arts, culture or heritage, and beyond – who want fresh ideas, practical tips and management approaches on how to rethink their business models to be ‘digital’.

Suitable for CEOs/Executive Directors, enterprise/innovation/business development/commercial managers and advisors or board members with similar responsibilities.


In a shift to digital, it’s tempting to create digital versions of what you do now, sell them to the same people and use online for promotion and payments. As we have seen in publishing, music, TV and theatre, this almost never works. (See this article for an argument why).

As creative entrepreneurs, we have to rethink how to use digital to reach customers, design experiences and work together in fundamentally new ways.

In the 2020s more than ever, consumers buy digital experiences, products, services and content from everyone from Netflix to the National, eBay to Etsy. In their eyes entertainment, leisure, learning and culture are all part of the same big melting pot – and there isn’t a separate thing labelled ‘digital’. Our digital propositions need to cut through and be priced and positioned in this larger world.


This workshop will give creative commercial managers case studies on the different ways that digital can be used to transform a creative enterprise – from commercial media company to non-profit cultural venue, and many others in between.

We will cover how to:

  • Reframe your offerings from the point of view of customers and to compete with alternatives
  • Decide where the ‘digital’ is – the product itself, support/service, community/collaboration, promotion, payment
  • Use others’ digital business models to inform your pricing, positioning and channels/platforms

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of a digital maturity self-assessment tool they can go on to use to help plan their digital innovations. This is heavily based on Golant Innovation’s work on cross-organisational digital strategies in the creative, digital and cultural sectors. Its enterprise framework was designed by workshop creator Patrick Towell.

They will also have had the chance to work through practical examples with peers and get feedback on them from workshop leader(s).


Patrick Towell, Innovation Director (The Audience Agency) & Executive Director (Golant Innovation)

Find out more about Patrick

Sophia Woodley, Head of Innovation Policy and Research (The Audience Agency Group); Senior Consultant (Golant Innovation)

Find out more about Sophia

Golant led projects:

  • Mapping future opportunities for UK creative enterprises from data-driven innovation
  • The largest ever study into the use of data in the cultural sector funded by Innovate UK (now part of UK Research & Innovation).


Our 3-hour Masterclasses are focused sessions in which you will both learn and participate. Guidance and insights from our experts are provided in an interactive session in which you will have the opportunity to consider and discuss your own individual situations.

Date: Thursday 27 August 2020, 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM

Cost: £95 per person

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