Audience Insights Conference Scotland | 22 April 2021

Explore how to embed digital activity into your audience development and marketing strategy as part of your re-opening planning.


Senior decision-makers, digital leads and marketing and communications teams who have the power to shift their organisation’s approach to digital and wish to build a legacy from Covid-19 digital first approaches.


Reconsider the role of digital through the lens of Covid. And plan how to embed digital into your audience development and marketing strategy.

This includes identifying the best platforms for your target audiences, increasing engagement and conversions, using digital insights to inform strategy and making holistic decisions for audience development. This session will include examples of how organisations have implemented digital pilots during Covid-19 and learnings you may wish to take forwards as part of longer-term engagement strategies.

This session is taking place as part of Audience Insights Conference Scotland, a two-day online event that aims to help organisations inform their thinking as they emerge from Covid-19 restrictions and consider the long-term impact on audiences. Find out more about the full conference here.


  • Reviewing the role of digital in your marketing, communications and audience development
  • Making decisions based on digital datasets
  • Planning for beyond Covid-19 – blending models and digital approaches in your organisation
  • Examples of best practice in the sector


Katie Moffat, Head of Digital, The Audience Agency


This session takes the form of a 60-minute webinar with the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A.

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This session is part of the two-day conference, Audience Insights Conference Scotland.

The Audience Insight Conference Scotland brings together Creative Scotland funded organisations and the wider cultural sector to discuss key audience insights from Audience Finder, Scottish Audience Intentions survey and other TAA “through COVID” research.

For more information on the full conference programme, click here

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