Join us for an introduction to Audience Spectrum: the most widely used population-based segmentation tool across the cultural sector in the UK .

In this session we’ll be introducing Audience Spectrum, the most widely used population-based segmentation tool across the cultural sector in the UK. Hear about how you can use Audience Spectrum to understand who lives in your current area, what your current audiences are like and how to build new ones.

Whether you’re already familiar with Audience Spectrum, or wondering how to get started, this session is for you. With an emphasis on practical application, we’ll cover how Audience Spectrum is used in our new Audience Answers data and insight tools, how the new sub-segments can help you to get a deeper understanding of current and potential audiences, and how utilising Audience Spectrum Licensing can help you create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Plus, we’ll present a range of case studies and other top tips for getting the most out of what Audience Spectrum has to offer.

We’ll also be launching some new Audience Spectrum resources and answering any questions you have.


This session is aimed at those working in marketing, data insight and audience development in cultural organisations.

What you will learn:

An understanding of how you can practically apply Audience Spectrum in your organisation to help you achieve your marketing and audience development objectives.


Chris France, Head of Product Growth & Customer Success at The Audience Agency

Ben Jeffries, Head of Scotland at The Audience Agency

Megan Tripp, Community Manager at The Audience Agency


This session takes the form of a 60-minute webinar with the opportunity to ask questions.

Cost: Free

Date: Wednesday 21 June, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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