A practical guide on applying your audience insights from the Audience Finder Data Tools to business planning and funding strategies.

It is essential that cultural organisations are able to effectively use audience insights to position business plans and build a case for support. With data backing you up, you can better share the impact, build your organisational narrative and create targets for the future.

This session will look at how to collect and analyse audience data in the Audience Finder Data Tools and then apply it to business planning and funding strategies. We will share tips on using different types of data sources from within Audience Finder Data Tools and practical guidance for you to apply within your own organisation.


This session is aimed at anyone working within public-facing arts organisations across the UK. You do not have to be currently contributing data to the Audience Finder - we will provide guidance for everyone.

Managers, senior leaders and fundraisers may find this session particularly helpful, as well as anyone considering business planning and funding.

What you will learn:

  • How you can use the Audience Finder Data Tools to improve data collection around your future organisational aims
  • How to locate and analyse data in Audience Finder Data Tools
  • How to compare your data to national/regional/artform benchmarks
  • How to use free audience data tools to develop your organisational narrative.


Chris France, Head of Audience Finder Service at The Audience Agency.

Chris has managed the Audience Finder Service for the last three years. Chris will bring his sector knowledge and experience from working in cultural organisations and venues to provide guidance and support in this session.


This session takes the form of a 75 minute workshop-style webinar with the opportunity to ask questions and brief participation exercises.

Date: Tuesday 8 February, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Cost: Free

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