Audience Spectrum just got even better. We share the latest updates to Audience Spectrum, the most widely used segmentation tool across the cultural sector in the UK.

Audience Spectrum has had an upgrade! As both patterns of engagement, and cultural organisations’ needs, change, Audience Spectrum is evolving to meet those needs.

The next generation of Audience Spectrum bring even greater benefits by:

  • introducing a new layer of subsegments to help you target audiences more accurately
  • updates and new information on habits and preferences like digital engagement
  • enhanced resources and interpretation to make it easier to access and use

You can find out more about the latest developments on our News page.

If you missed our essential session introducing the major developments, don’t worry, you can watch it here.

New Features in Action

In this next session, we’ll be delving into the ways in which organisations can use Spectrum to grow or change their audiences and how new features can help you achieve more.


This session is open to all. Whether you are already using Audience Spectrum or are looking for an introduction, this session is an opportunity to get well-acquainted with the updated tool and learn how it can be best applied to your work.

Anyone working in audience development and strategy may find this event particularly insightful.

What will be covered:

  • Overview of updates to Audience Spectrum
  • Examples and use cases for Audience Spectrum and new enhancements
  • Q&A and discussion – please send us your ideas in advance


This session takes the form of a 90 minute workshop-style webinar.


Catherine Bradley, Senior Consultant at The Audience Agency.
Jacqui Fortnum, Senior Consultant at The Audience Agency

Date: Thursday 29 September 2022, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Cost: Free

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What is Audience Spectrum?

Audience Spectrum is the most widely used segmentation tool across the cultural sector in the UK. Developed by The Audience Agency and used by 1000’s of organisations (including theatres, museums, galleries, festivals and touring companies), Audience Spectrum has become the gold standard of segmentation and a common language for talking about communities and audiences. Using the Audience Spectrum profiles, organisations can understand who lives in their local area, what their current audiences are like and, crucially, how to build new ones.

Find out more about Audience Spectrum and the segments here