Answers to your Audience Finder Questions: Surveys

Can I contribute both ticketing and survey data?

Yes, absolutely – and we encourage you to do so. Collecting survey data along with ticketing data extractions, will give you behavioural information alongside attitudinal and demographic data including protected characteristics. Get in touch with our support team to get set up.

Why is the survey target 380 and what happens if I don’t reach it?

We have given this number as an aim for those collecting audience surveys with Audience Finder. This will give results a 5% margin of error at the 95% confidence level. This gives results which, if sampled well, can be relied upon to represent your audiences. This is true of any organisation no matter what size audience they have. However if you don’t manage to reach that target you can still see your results in the dashboard, with the margin of error calculated based on the number of responses, allowing you to take a measured approach to understanding how well they can represent your audiences and when results should be taken as simply indicative.

How can I make sure my sampling is representative?

There are a number of things to consider when sampling; where you choose to approach visitors, which member of the group you choose as your interviewee, and what times of day/week you conduct your fieldwork. We can help you train fieldworkers but you can also check out the Guide to good sampling

Does the Audience Finder survey replace other kinds of evaluation we already do?

The Audience Finder survey can replace any ongoing monitoring you are doing, giving you additional context for understanding your audiences in relation to your region. You can also add themes to get more in depth knowledge around certain areas from your general visitors. However this shouldn’t replace any more detailed evaluation of particular programmes or activity, and for certain kinds of engagement this may not be the most appropriate methodology, for example evaluating programmes for young or vulnerable people.

What’s the best way to conduct surveying with a small staffing capacity?

There are a number of ways to get round the problem of staffing, including using volunteers, adapting methodology to make it most efficient in the situation or using incentives to drive visitors towards completing the survey. We can help you to train and support staff: contact our Support Team to find out how.

Can I post the e-survey link on social media or send it out to our mailing lists?
This methodology is not used in Audience Finder. Although it can be a useful way to gauge opinions and demographics of all those that engage with your organisation. Audience Finder is specifically interested in collecting data about attenders. Talk to someone here at The Audience Agency if you are interested in surveying this kind of 'engager'.

Can I benchmark against specific organisations?
Yes, you can create your own bespoke benchmarking groups by working in collaboration with other organisations collecting data in Audience Finder. Costs are £100+VAT per org per year for a bespoke grouping (capped at £1,000 per group), to find out more contact the Audience Finder team.