Case Study Q&A | Audience Report tool

Helping Theatre Royal Stratford East complete its ACE NPO return...

Our new free Audience Reports tool allows you to quickly pull the information and data needed to complete your Arts Council England NPO returns.

We asked Trina Keane, Head of Marketing at Theatre Royal Stratford East how this new tool would help her...

Q. How much easier will this reporting tool make your ACE return process?
The new reporting tool will make the ACE return process considerably easier. To essentially be able to provide this information at the click of a button is revolutionary for us.

Q. How much time will it save you?
This tool is going to save us huge amounts of time. Last year we were working with a different CRM system so I wouldn’t want to say how long it took us to pull this data, other than to say it was a very, very long time. This means that we can pull this data and look at the results practically immediately and then get on with the job in hand, using the insight that we glean.

Q. Other than sending this information to ACE, how will you use the data from the reports?
At a glance, audience segmentation is going to be invaluable. To be able to identify our audiences and their appetites at the click of a button is going to give us really useful, immediate insight. It also opens up new opportunities for us in terms of benchmarking and exploring ways of collaborating with other organisations with a view to growing crossover audiences.

You can find the new Audience Report tool on the reports section of your Audience Finder dashboard.