Case in Progress | Futurescapes in Finsbury Park

Golant Media Ventures is project partnering on Futurescapes, to explore ways of using immersive technology to inclusively create new visions for public spaces.

We are using Finsbury Park, a 110-acre park in London, as a test case to examine the commercial potential for using immersive experiences as a tool for collaborative placemaking for public spaces and integrated public services.

The Task

Like many other public spaces, it has immense economic, social and natural value, yet the 'owners' of public space often have difficulty connecting with the people that use (or should be) using them. Immersive models can be used as a tool for engagement through co-design, to discover how the council, park stakeholders including nearby property developers, and park users imagine its future and their involvement with it. Placemaking is recognised as a core part of regeneration, requiring a foundation of strong partnerships cutting across the public and private sectors, where social, cultural and ‘natural’ capital interleave to create stronger bonds and local identity. The project lead is Furtherfield – working at the intersection of democracy, digital and culture. Wolf in Motion, a creative agency specialising in immersive technologies, is also a project partner.

The Client

Through our partnership with GMV we are transforming Finsbury Park into a platform for leading edge digital practices that enable diverse park users to collaborate in imaginative new research about the future of parks.

Ruth Catlow, co-director of Furtherfield

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Futurescapes is funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.