Cimeon Ellerton speaks at Nordic Grammy Award Conference

Head of Programmes at The Audience Agency to be keynote speaker at Nordic Music’s leading conference

28 January 2016

The Audience Agency’s reach beyond the cultural sector in the UK has grown further as Head of Programmes, Cimeon Ellerton has been asked to be a keynote speaker at Norwegian Music’s largest and most prestigious music award’s conference.

Delegates will convene in Oslo as the burgeoning talent from Norway’s growing music scene celebrate their successes over the previous 12 months.

The Audience Agency’s work at the cutting edge of data driven decision making in the cultural sector sparked excited interest from conference organisers, Music Norway, as they recognise the developments in insight through data and how it can help their sector. Managing Director of Katherine Synnes Finnskog outlines;

We are a young industry in Norway, and although leading in the digital marketplace; there is very little innovation, with data analysis being more of an add-on. We are aiming to look to the future.

Cimeon’s expertise has been recognised as very helpful as the music industry in Norway looks towards innovation and understanding their audiences to create more proactive marketing strategies. Cimeon states;

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, Norwegians spend more per head on music than any other country, as such The Audience Agency is very excited to be able to share the knowledge we have gathered as the leading audience insight cultural agency in the UK.

I am looking forward to working alongside our Norwegian colleagues, looking into new ways that data insight can help their music sector continue to grow and reach more people across the globe.’’

The keynote will cover having a European-wide standard for data collection that would allow for safe sharing of data for the benefit of both the audiences and the artists and will take place on Friday 29th January.

Download a copy of Cimeon's presentation Data Driven Decision-Making: Making Big Data Useful.