You may have heard some rumblings in the office, the hallways, and the rehearsal room about Peppered, a powerful platform that’s been making waves in the cultural sector across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and has finally landed in the United Kingdom through an exclusive partnership with The Audience Agency. But what exactly is it?

Peppered is the online marketing automation platform built specifically for cultural organisations, empowering them to connect with audiences seamlessly and intelligently. The first of its kind, Peppered's unique and holistic suite of services allows you to put audiences at the heart of your digital strategy and streamline your workflows through clever (and exciting) integrations.

Because of Peppered's ability to automate and integrate all of your systems into one mega-marketing tool, it massively reduces the costs and staff time spent on basic processing tasks, freeing up resources for content creation and actual marketing strategy.

Natalie Hall, Head of Communications, The Audience Agency

Most importantly, it is a platform that is constantly growing, releasing stable updates and improvements through ongoing user feedback and allowing cultural organisations to have crucial input into how to make tools that work for them.

At its core, Peppered is a website hosting service that connects frictionlessly with a ticketing system, creating a 360 degree view of your individual visitors so that you can easily automate advanced targeted marketing from this centralised platform. Peppered comes pre-loaded with numerous different services that all work together automatically through a centralised dashboard. Services include:

  • Email marketing with advanced GDPR services,
  • Front and backend website management,
  • CRM system,
  • Seamless purchase path,
  • Web analytics.

By fusing these elements into a single platform that can be controlled by your marketing team, you gain instant insight into your audiences and online visitors, and have the tools to keep them engaged at the click of a button.

Some of the most popular features (that we are particularly excited about!) include:

  • Cruise control, which uses data in the system to auto-create campaigns that you can combine with segmentation models like Audience Spectrum, targeting the right visitor profiles with tailored offers.
  • Pageview prompts gently remind people of their visit to a webpage (like your event page!) with an automated email - a trigger that has been known to quadruple ticket sales.
  • Shopping basket feature, which, as in commercial retail, is very effective at ensuring that the orders are completed and don't peter out, guaranteeing you greater revenue.

Over the past two decades, Peppered has been able to refine support for the arts and culture sector's unique characteristics and challenges. It is able to provide superior solutions at a lower cost because it sees itself as not just a platform, but a collective system of cultural organisations that support and learn from each other. As of 2019, Peppered is serving almost 70 venues across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The Audience Agency is pleased to be the UK partner of Peppered, and eager to see how this breakthrough platform can work iteratively to transform the way the cultural sector operates digitally. We see it being used in conjunction with the analytic tools you already use, such as Audience Finder, and to develop these tools alongside each other to streamline digital and data marketing services in arts and culture. Peppered fits seamlessly into our mission of working with and for cultural organisations to develop audiences across the UK and internationally and create powerful, data driven solutions, and we can’t wait to begin.

Leo Sharrock, Product Director, The Audience Agency