Connecting Audiences

The Audience Agency embark on Erasmus Plus Knowledge Alliances project...

25 November 2016

The Audience Agency is part of a consortium of organisations that has been successful in winning EU funding from the Erasmus Plus Knowledge Alliances programme.

The new project, led by University Deusto is titled CONNECTING AUDIENCES European Alliance for Education and Training in Audience Development and will start in the New Year and run for 36 months.

CONNECT seeks to promote innovative cooperation between universities and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe. During the project a new twin-track programme in audience development for students and practitioners working in arts management will be designed and launched by a transnational team of 54 researchers, teachers and trainers in five national hubs in Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark and Poland, each one composed by higher education institutions and private cultural organisations.

In the UK, the partnership is between The Audience Agency and the International Centre for Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, continuing our work together since 2013 on ADESTE (the Erasmus Plus project from 2013 – 2016).

Forming part of The Audience Agency’s wider international work, CONNECT will strengthen the connection between higher education and cultural managers already working in the sector - each learning from the other. It's a way of helping higher education to teach audience development well and for arts professionals to benefit from the rigour of academia.

For more information on The Audience Agency’s international work please contact Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant, International