Product Director

Katherine is the lead on data services within Golant Innovation, with a background in operations, project management, grant funding and research.

As a lifelong enthusiast for data, she works with organisations to discover, make sense of and improve the value in what they already have. This can range from considering strategic documents, to assessing old spreadsheets, through consideration of process and crucially people’s skills and confidence. Frequently, she can be found in client offices working one-on-one to develop an individual’s skills or leading cross-organisation discussions to develop shared understanding.

This is added to with undertaking a broad range of market research, working with communications plans and more strategic questions. She also runs works workshops on a variety of subjects and delivers one-to-one mentoring for individuals around data. Taking a broad approach to what data means and frequently stepping into digital.

She can also be found taking on the project manager role, where her prior experience runs the gamut from small consulting to large collaborative Innovate UK-funded R&D projects creative content discovery and recommendation. She was previously the VP of Operations at a technology start-up and the knowledge management lead for an executive coaching company.

Katherine read psychology and philosophy at Oxford. The game she created and coded was featured at a V&A digital weekend. She is particularly fond of the visual arts, combined arts, reading, writing and the Welsh arts sector.

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