Katie Moffat

Head of Digital

Image of Katie Moffat

Areas of expertise:

  • Digital strategy development
  • Audience development using digital platforms/tools, including organic & paid social media
  • Google Analytics & social media analytics
  • Online audience insight

Katie is an experienced consultant, trainer and strategist and has been providing training and support with digital work for over 18 years, both with The Audience Agency and prior to that, as an independent consultant. At the Audience Agency Katie is Head of Digital and works with clients to help them develop effective ways to use digital tools and technologies to reach, grow and diversify their audiences.

Much of Katie’s work involves the development of digital, social media and content strategies for arts & heritage organisations including support in creating an internal ‘digital mindset’. In many projects, Katie works closely with The Audience Agency’s research team in order to first help organisations better understand their current online audience and then develop strategies to grow any under-represented segments.

Katie is a contributor to the 'Manual of Digital Museum Planning' published by Rowman & Littlefield and is a Board Trustee of digital pioneers Abandon Normal Devices. She maintains a popular fortnightly newsletter, The Digital Snapshot, a round-up of all the news, innovation and interesting ideas in the world of digital, as relevant to the arts, culture, museums and heritage sector. The newsletter is regularly cited as a ‘recommended read’ by industry professionals. She is a regularly requested speaker at industry events.

Twitter: @katiemoffat