The Audience Agency, commissioned by Arts Council England as part of Audience Finder, have developed a new segmentation system to take the place of Art Audiences: Insight.

Audience Spectrum is a population profiling tool which provides powerful insights combined with strong evidence and practical information on the complete spectrum of cultural audiences.

It has been built to meet the needs of both small and large scale, ticketed and non-ticketed organisations from across the arts, museums and cultural sector.

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Developed with our partners Experian the new segments are relevant, geo-locatable and accompanied by detailed and practical pen portraits.

Audience Spectrum draws on large, robust sources of information about people and how they engage with culture, including:

  • The Taking Part Survey
  • Experian's lifestyle, consumer and demographic information from over 850 million input sources and 400+ variables, including Mosaic and online analytics tool Hitwise
  • Proximity Indices - The Audience Agency's national overview of how well the population is served by cultural provision
  • Audience Finder - England's largest growing Big Data set in the cultural sector, (currently 500+ organisations) about audience behaviour, built on ticketing and survey information.

Pen portraits include a detailed description of the segments, key defining features of their arts and cultural behaviour, as well as their demographic composition, media consumption preferences, lifestyle and life stage characteristics.

Each segment is accompanied by imagery, charts, graphs, tables and other visual/data representations.


Audience Spectrum is designed to help you:

  • Understand what makes different audiences tick
  • Find new audiences in your catchment area by getting names and addresses
  • Find the best-fit audiences in your database by targeting specific postcodes
  • Pinpoint more audiences like your current ones to extend reach
  • Identify those people most likely to make a donation
  • Spot opportunities to collaborate with other arts and partner organisations
  • Create and target your communications more effectively to appeal to a diverse range of audiences
  • Profile your online and live visitors using the same segmentation
  • Plan with colleagues to create cultural experiences for different audiences

Use it today

  • Order an Area Profile Report - use Audience Spectrum to understand what kinds of audiences are concentrated and where in your local area.
  • Profile your attenders or visitors - get your data mapped and profiled
  • Join Audience Finder - Audience Spectrum profiling is automatically integrated into reporting and benchmarking from autumn 2014
  • Buy prospect names and addresses (email and SMS) for the new audiences you want to reach- through The Audience Agency from autumn 2014

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