For organisations with a ticketing system, analysis of ticketing data can provide deep behavioural insights. Not only that, but by analysing your ticketing data through Audience Finder you can compare your audience behaviours with the typical behaviours of audiences in particular geographic regions or against national audiences of a particular artform.

Supported systems

Audience Finder currently supports automated data extraction from most major ticketing systems, and we plan to add more in the future.

The supported systems include:

  1. Spektrix
  2. Tessitura
  3. Enta
  4. PatronBase
  5. ProVenue Databox
  6. SeatGeek (SRO4)
  7. Ticketsolve
  8. Monad

Accessing analytics

Ticketing analytics are presented in an interactive online dashboard accessed at, which is activated by a member of the Audience Finder team. To request getting set-up with extractions simply complete this webform and a member of the team will be in touch.

What if my organisation does not use one of the supported systems?

We can provide a semi-automated solution for organisations who use other systems -providing these collect all necessary data required for Audience Finder analysis*.

Examples of some additional systems we can support using this method include:

  • AudienceView
  • ProVenue Max
  • Savoy Systems: Oscar
  • TicketSource

If you are unsure if this solution applies to your system, please contact us.

Don’t forget, there are other ways of collecting audience data through Audience Finder (see Audience Surveys) and loads of other free insights and information in the rest of the Audience Finder dashboard.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to support users of Eventbrite, as we have found that the required data fields for Audience Finder are not normally captured and stored by the system.

Data security

Participating organisations are asked to be named as participants when they first get started but will not be named or identified in any outputs and reporting unless by separate agreement.

Any data sent to The Audience Agency for the purposes of the project are sent via an encrypted secure upload and customer records are anonymised for the purpose of analysis.

The data agreement

The Audience Finder data agreement is sent to each organisation providing their data to the project by the Audience Finder team using the secure e-signature and faxback service EchoSign. The agreement ensures that participants, their organisations, The Audience Agency and our technical partners are protected under data protection law.