Audience Finder is a powerful tool bringing you clear insight into your audiences, your local population, and the larger national picture of cultural engagement. With organisations across the country gearing up for a busy Autumn, we think now is a great time to take stock, plan ahead, and get organised for a stellar year of creative success… all backed up with a little bit of extra insight!

Our Director of Consultancy, Penny Mills, shares her top four ways to build on the insight you’re getting from Audience Finder to help you plan your best year yet.

1. Get to know the locals

Audiences: more is always better! But as any marketer can tell you, growing your audiences (and your revenue) is all about targeting the right offer in the right places. One of our best-sellers, Area Profile Reports are a brilliant way to get to know your local community and find exactly the audiences and communities you'd like to engage more.

  • Get to know your catchment area in detail. There's a reason this report gets so much love - our core Area Profile Report gives you a deep dive into the behaviours and motivations of your community, drilled down by postcode. Take a look at Area Profile Reports.
  • Access and inclusion are vitally important. Does your upcoming programme strategy include an ambition to connect with young people, elders, or people with disabilities? Engagement Area Profile Reports are perfect for you to help you understand your local communities from this point of view. Take a look at Engagement Area Profile Reports.
  • Need to work with students and schools? We have just the thing. A free report that presents a clear view of the schools you are - or want to be - engaging with. Take a look at our all new Schools Engagement Report.
  • And if you really want to get to connect with your communities better – let us help you by using our community consultation toolkit – a little bit of extra data analysis and advice from our experienced Learning and Participation team.

Take a look at the Community Consultation Toolkit

2. Stay on track: refresh your Audience Development strategy

Maximise the value of your Audience Finder insights to give your audience development planning a boost – set those KPIs, sharpen up your strategy, and refine your focus by booking a workshop with our experts.

Work with our team to bring layers of data and insight together to give you a full picture of your opportunities and where you could focus your audience development efforts to maximise your return on investment.

Read our tips on refreshing your audience development strategy

3. Bring everyone on board

Embedding a culture of visitor or audience focus doesn’t happen in a silo! We’re here to help you work with your strategic management team to build confidence around using data to drive decision making. We will design the process just for you – with up to four sessions of 2-3 hours each, including a mixture of theory and background information, practical sessions getting your hands dirty with data, discussions and knowledge sharing, and a score of practical takeaways and handouts to keep the momentum going.

Speak to a consultant to find out more

4. Fill in the gaps with research tailored just for you

Whether it’s a specific question about behaviours, attitudes or preferences or a marketing conundrum as to who is most digitally engaged, our willing research team will help you find the best way of finding out what you need to know.

We offer a full quantitative and qualitative research service and are dedicated to collaborating with you to make sure you get exactly the actionable insight you need.

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