Chief Research Officer

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic development of the research function
  • Quantitative and qualitative research including survey design, focus group moderation and in-depth interviews
  • Database analysis, segmentation and profiling
  • Mixed methodology project design
  • Project management

Richard is Head of Research at The Audience Agency and has a remit to respond to client enquiries, delivering research-led projects and managing the research team.

Richard has 25 years’ experience of market research in an audience, visitor and customer context. Using a range of methodological approaches, Richard delivers impactful research that supports cultural organisations to place audiences at the centre of their decision making and strategies. Richard specialises in audience segmentation, action research and innovative approaches such as visitor journey mapping and user centred design. He led the team that produced Audience Spectrum, the unique cultural profiling and segmentation of the cultural attitudes and behaviour of the English public.

Richard directs projects that use primary research and secondary data analysis to inform understanding of audience decision making, attendance patterns, experience, profile and location. Primary research approaches are drawn from both quantitative and qualitative methods, including surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. Secondary data approaches include ticketing data analysis and use of data assets such as Audience Finder (TAA data sharing programme), TGI and Census, thus enabling organisational findings to be placed into both market and population context.

Together these research approaches are used to segment audiences, build and evaluate audience development strategies, attract new and diverse audiences and create an understanding of the health of the sector. It is also applied to feasibility and product development as well as impact evaluation (personal, social and economic). Richard’s work broadly covers performing arts, visual arts, film, heritage and visitor attractions, communities, ‘places’ and national insights.

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