Designed for and with cultural organisations, Audience Answers puts insights into action, responding to user needs, and facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration.

Do you need to know more about your community - who they are and what they want from you? Are you looking to develop new audiences and programming, demonstrate your social and civic value, evidence a funding bid, or boost your marketing? That's where Audience Answers comes in. This pioneering collection of data services and reports, built on our one-of-a-kind data architecture, is here to empower your organisation to thrive.

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At every plan level this new suite of data services and reports:

  • is powered by our Audience Spectrum segmentation tool
  • comprises modular packages that can standalone or combine
  • is developed based on your feedback, along with funder requirements
  • enables continuity of reporting and insight for current users

Data Services and Reports

Because budgets vary, our services and reports are available across three different tiers, so you can pick and choose the products and price points to meet your needs.

Data Services

Annual subscriptions to sector-leading tools and support services







AA Surveys Icon.png


Basic templates, summary reporting, community resources and national insights

£200 p/a

Greater range of questions, interactive data tools and org-specific profiling

From £1,440 p/a

Specialised survey design and analysis, granular profiling, and tailored support

From £2,400 p/a

AA Ticketing Icon.png

Ticketing Insights

Insights from your key ticketing metrics in our data dashboard and audience report


Enhanced specialist reports to monitor impact and support audience development

From £1,440 p/a

Expert tailored data analysis, quarterly custom reports, and on-hand support

From £2,400 p/a

Audience Finder Icon.pngAudience Spectrum

Segmentation based national map, guides, evidence and insights into audience trends


Audience record tagging and profiling for marketing and stakeholder reporting

From £1,750 p/a

Custom segmentation model tailored to your audiences, location and specific offer

From £5,000 p/a

AA Coach Icon.png

Coaching and Networks

Chat about your needs with our team, who can recommend the best tools for you


1-2-1 support session to help you make sense of and get the most from your data


Join a Network of peers exchanging sector-leading insight and practice

From £275 p/a

Surveys and Ticketing plans are subsidised in Scotland and Wales.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help.

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Data Reports

One-off insights into your audience engagement and development potential







Population Profile Reports IconPopulation Profile

Population changes at local authority level, between the 2011 and 2021 censuses.


The core cultural engagement picture of your target area, using 2021 census data


Essentials report, plus how individual wards you are targeting differ from one another



Audience Spectrum

The Audience Spectrum profile of your bookers, compared with that of your target area


Adds maps, data and commentary about stand out segments in your audience and area


Both reports can also be enhanced to include a Mosaic consumer classification profile

£525 / £700

AA Touring image.png


Gather and analyse core insights to build a picture of your show's audiences across sites


Get the data detail you need to present to your board and plan marketing campaigns


Build a bespoke audience profile in order to achieve your own unique objectives


Not sure which plan is right for you? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help.

Bespoke Project Work

For organisations with specific, nuanced requirements, you can move from Audience Answers to our bespoke research and consultancy division who are ready to help. Here, you can connect with our specialist team who will guide you through customised research solutions and insights uniquely aligned to your challenges.

We know that there's a lot to consider, so if you are not sure what the best options are for you, get in touch for a chat to find out how we can help.

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