The Audience Agency’s unique Audience Finder system is attracting interest around the world and is now being used in Norway and Canada.

August 13, 2020
Photo of the author - Jonathan Goodacre

Jonathan Goodacre

In Quebec, Canada, we are partnering with Synapse-C, which works with cultural organisations to combine audience data of more than 60 organisations to produce collective intelligence about their audiences. This is then used actively to develop joint initiatives and projects for the public’s benefit.

In addition, long term collaborators Audiences Norway (Norsklublikumsutvikling) has developed a pilot project called ‘Pubdata’ that is looking at how Audience Finder can be used to provide the sort of benefits that are already familiar to cultural organisations in England, Wales and Scotland. Funded by Arts Council Norway and the culture departments of Bergen and Oslo city councils, this project will open a whole new chapter in their work of understanding audiences:

"The Audience Agency is NPU's role model: A sector support organization with a mission to help institutions achieve their artistic, financial and audience development goals by providing audience insight. I have been following the development of Audience Finder since the beginning in 2012 and I am thrilled that we are finally able to work together to achieve something similar in Norway."

Director, Ingrid Handeland

Pubdata continues through into 2021, with more details available HERE.

If you would like to know more about these international Audience Finder initiatives including if you are interested in setting something up in your own country or region please contact Louisa Hardinge, International Development at The Audience Agency.