Including...Apple's new mixed reality headset, AHRC's latest funding opportunities and an immersive experience of early medieval Wessex.

June 6, 2023

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Snapshot, bringing you all the latest digital news, ideas, tips and guidance for the arts, culture, museums and heritage world.

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  • This could have been in Latest News but feels like a useful case study. As part of Pride Month the British Library posted a thread about a fish that can change its sex, taking inspiration from an event about animal sexuality. The thread was then deleted in the face of gender-critical backlash. What we can take from this is the sad reality that organisations now need to wargame their comms response to any trans content.
  • James Akers at the Digital Culture Network is running a free webinar on how to track custom metrics and build your own reports on 21 June 2023. Book tickets here.
  • One of my current projects involves a bit of digitisation, and I've found this NLHF Digitisation project planner, handbook and examples incredibly useful.

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  • Beki Smith at CBSO wrote about taking on the challenge of launching a new season without reaching for a 'We're excited to announce' tweet. Working with their agency EDIT, they instead took lessons from album and product launches - resulting in massive increases in reach and engagement.

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