Including...Ofcom's report on adults' media use, Wallace's Uber game and the 'unhinged social media manager'.

August 8, 2023

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  • The Digital Culture Network are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 6 September on how to do less and achieve more with limited marketing resources. If that sounds like your organisation (and it probably does) then sign up.
  • This was actually published way back in March, but Ofcom have an interesting report on adults' media use and attitudes. If you need handy population stats on the popularity and use of different online channels then this is the report for you.
  • Do you have people in your organisation who are illiterate about open data? If so, The Open Data Institute is running an Open Data in a Day session in September (but it's £350 for non-members).

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  • The 'unhinged social media manager' started organically when people in charge of organisational accounts took advantage of lax approval processes to write with an authentic voice. As brands adopted the style in a conscious attempt to 'go viral', 'be hip' and 'accidentally cause social media crises' I've come to agree with this article that its become inauthentic, a lot of organisations do it badly and its time may be over.

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