Creative People and Places is about more people choosing, creating and taking part in brilliant art experiences in the places where they live.

91% of Creative People and Places audiences come from neighbourhoods with low and medium levels of arts engagement. Funded by Arts Council England, there are currently 21 independent projects underway, based in areas where there are fewer opportunities to get involved with the arts. It’s open to everyone so don’t assume your community won’t rise to the challenge – it will surprise you.

We're here to help

We know that no two places are the same, and as the lead audience development specialist we can provide tailor made local support to best meet your exact requirements, whether you’re applying to become a Creative People and Place for the first time or as part of your continued programme delivery.

Our experienced team of consultants has worked with several Creative People and Places programmes, evaluating the impact of innovative engagement practice on audiences and supporting ongoing strategic development in our role as a critical friend.

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Some of our work with Creative People and Places:

Image of Case in Point | East Durham Creates
Case in Point | East Durham Creates

How a Creative People and Places participant combined Audience Finder and Audience Spectrum insights to build an audience representative of its local population.

Image of Case in Point | Peterborough Presents
Case in Point | Peterborough Presents

Working with Peterborough Presents to evaluate and evolve its Creative People and Places action research programme into an active model for social representation and creative change.