Our track record supporting Local Authorities means we can help you increase the impact of your creative industry strategy using the latest evidence and insight.

We are enthusiastic about and experienced in supporting the development of creative regeneration strategies for all manner of localities - be they rural, coastal, towns and cities or larger regions.

Reasons to get in touch:

Do you need to...

  • Rethink your creative or cultural strategy?
  • Evidence social and/or economic impact in your locality?
  • Build the case for a new service or development?
  • Make a case for funding or investment?

We can help you to:

  • Increase the benefits your residents get from the creative economy.
  • Increase the income and impact of the creative infrastructure.
  • Grow the right visitor market.
  • Drive inclusive growth that puts communities first.
  • Develop skills, jobs and life-chances.
  • Re-brand and re-position places.

We do this through:

  • Creative economy expertise, spanning from business skills and commercial strategy through to mission-driven non-profits and fundraising.
  • People-centred strategy and policy development, with meaningful engagement of communities and enterprises.
  • Mapping and merging our unique engagement and employment datasets with your own data.
  • Bespoke, mixed method research, designed by our expert team to ask the right questions and get reliable answers.
  • Problem-solving inspired by innovative thinking, and based on sound evidence.
  • Collaborative and focused evaluation and monitoring.
  • The combined experience and insight of our creative sector specialists.

Get in touch to chat about your Local Authority

Quick wins for your community:

Image of Drive Time and Distance Report
Drive Time and Distance Report

Discover where your customers live in relation to your venue and how far they travel to get to you.

Image of Area Profile Reports
Area Profile Reports

Want to find out about the demographics and levels of cultural engagement in your catchment area?

Image of Schools Engagement Report
Schools Engagement Report

An easy-to-understand report that presents a clear view of the schools you are engaging.

Image of Economic Impact Toolkit
Economic Impact Toolkit

Discover the impacts of your cultural events and activities...

Image of Community Consultation Toolkit
Community Consultation Toolkit

Use real data from your area to deliver your own community consultation.

Image of Grow your Family Audiences
Grow your Family Audiences

The Audience Agency's specialist consultants can help you to identify, understand and grow your family audiences.