Do you need to understand the feasibility of a new service or development? Is it time to rethink your cultural, leisure or community strategy? Or maybe you provide support to local arts organisations, and need help to evidence impact within the authority?

The Audience Agency brings significant experience of supporting and collaborating with Local Authorities across the UK. We are specialists in place, combining our expertise in data, audience development and evaluation to help you to inform strategy and make evidence-based decisions.

We can help you to

  • Build a detailed picture of your locality.
  • Understand which of your residents are engaging with leisure and culture - and where they do it.
  • Get a clear view of gaps in current engagement and understand why these might be occurring.
  • Put a local understanding in the context of national trends in cultural engagement.
  • Identify potential market opportunities and understand how to pursue them.

We do this by

  • Auditing existing data.
  • Mapping local resident engagement from multiple data sources.
  • Profiling the population using Mosaic and Audience Spectrum to understand consumer behaviours.
  • Designing and delivering community and stakeholder consultation.
  • Designing and embedding evaluation and monitoring frameworks to evidence impact across financial, social and artistic outcomes.
  • Supporting service design through training in design thinking.
  • Informing strategy development by providing you with the story of engagement in a place.

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