This workshop focuses on CRM systems and how to manage data for the benefit of your relationships, stakeholders and audiences.


For individuals seeking to understand if a CRM is right their organisation or who want to manage their relationships better.


An overview of what a CRM system is and how to be prepared to make the most of it. This is a full-day workshop, led by industry experts.

What you will learn:

Ways to think about users and their needs when it comes to managing relationships. What a CRM does, when it is useful, placing it in the context of your systems and the practicalities of selection and implementation.

  • You will build confidence in how to use and manage data to support your organisation.  
  • You will be able to identify how to decide which data should be used to support strategy and planning.  
  • You will learn how to develop a user persona and basic user journey mapping.  
  • You will understand how to identify and prioritise key requirements for managing data about people and relationships and start to evaluate which solutions (e.g. Customer Relationship Management – CRM – system or other data tools) may be most appropriate to your needs.  
  • You will understand how the data tools & systems you use could share data.  
  • You will be able to begin to identify the capabilities and skills needed to deliver on your data ambitions. 


A list of your organisation’s user groups, basics of user journey mapping, the MoSCoW method and the factors to take into account when considering a CRM and selecting a system.

  • A high-level model outlining people, organisations and the relationships important to you and the type of data needed to make those relationships more valuable.   
  • An example user persona and user journey for your organisation.  
  • A set of prioritised requirements to help you in selecting a CRM or other data solution.  
  • A high-level view of your data tools and systems.  
  • An initial set of CRM data fields and labels for a Person-type and Organisation-type.  
  • An overview of the skills and capabilities needed to take your data plans forward.  

Cost: £160 per person

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Cost: £240 for two places

Please inquire about group discounts if you would like to purchase multiple tickets for one organisation. For further information about the event and pricing, email

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Other dates and locations currently available for Data For... Managing Relationships

This is currently the only confirmed Data For... Managing Relationships workshop.

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Data For... is a series of diverse, highly practical workshops designed to help a wide range of cultural professionals to make more and better use of evidence and data in their work.

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