These free bespoke sessions help you to identify who makes up your local community and consider how best to engage them.

Are you thinking about your business plan? Or considering what local engagement might look like post-covid? Do you need to better understand the local population and how to engage them in your organisation? Or maybe you want to reach a specific group and aren’t too sure where to start?

Our Know Your Community Surgery offers a 60-90 minute session with one of our experienced team members helping you to identify who makes up your local community and consider how to engage them.

Who are they for:

Sessions are suitable for anyone in your organisation who is responsible for audience development and you may wish to have a couple of team members on the call. These sessions are for anyone who is familiar with your audience finder dashboard and would like to explore the data in more detail. If you’d like support with setting up on Audience Finder or how to use the dashboard you may wish to book either one of our ‘Onboarding’ sessions or ‘In Practice’ sessions instead.

The session will include:

  • Understanding where and who you already engage - using data in your audience finder dashboard
  • Exploring local population including demographics, engagement trends and Audience Spectrum profiles.
  • Drawing on secondary audience data via the covid population monitor and our series of local area briefings.

If you would like to look in detail at the demographics of the local population, we do ask that you order an Area Profile Report before the session or have ordered one in the past 18 months we can use in our discussion with you. This isn’t essential but will enable us to provide a more granular level of advice and support.


All surgeries are free. Sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length will be delivered remotely via an online video call.

Cost: Free

Book your session here

To register for a Know Your Community surgery, please select a time slot through the link above. A Teams meeting will be generated at your choice time once you confirm your booking. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.

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