Understand the profile, cultural engagement and behaviour of your local communities.

An introduction to using The Audience’s Agency’s rich datasets, population data and your own sources to better understand the profile, cultural engagement and behaviour of your local communities and catchment area, helping you make plans to reflect their needs.


This webinar is aimed at those who want to find out more about The Audience Agency’s audience research and datasets, which describe the population and its current and potential cultural engagement. It will explore how we can support you in using these to plan your audience engagement, considering the needs of both your local community and the wider marketplace.

The webinar will be useful for senior staff planning revised offers and developing reopening plans, as well as those in engagement, marketing, development and other public-facing roles.

What will you learn:

  • An overview of The Audience Agency’s audience datasets, including Audience Answers.
  • Using the datasets to understand your audiences, market place and for benchmarking at a population and cultural engagement level.
  • How The Audience Agency can support you to use this data to understand your organisation’s market potential.


Catherine Bradley, Senior Consultant


The session takes the form of a 90-minute webinar, with a range of practical demonstrations and case studies.

Cost: Free

Date: Wednesday 29 November 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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