The Audience Agency is delighted to announce a new partnership with Activity Stream within the United Kingdom, offering users of the platform access to customer tagging through Audience Spectrum Licensing.

Based in Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Belgrade, operating across UK, mainland Europe, US and Australia, Activity Stream is a platform for live entertainment and sports organisations that applies artificial intelligence and data analytics to create actionable insights. The new UK partnership with The Audience Agency offers users of Activity Stream access to customer tagging through Audience Spectrum Licensing.

Offering a range of powerful tools that analyse both ticketing and online activity, Activity Stream provides the ultimate data overview, which significantly saves time to focus on value-adding tasks. The platform is already working with several UK venues, including New Wolsey in Ipswich

Martin Gammeltoft, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Activity Stream said:

"We are very excited to add the power of the audience profiling to our solutions. Above all, it will enable venues and arts organisations to get a more comprehensive understanding of their audience, and I am sure we will see some surprising patterns as well."

Using the power of Audience Spectrum, all customer records within the platform can be tagged with a spectrum type. Allowing segmentation used within Audience Finder to enhance the use of the platforms features further.

Cimeon Ellerton, Chief Operating Officer at The Audience Agency said:

"We are delighted to enter a partnership with Activity Stream as part of our ongoing efforts to be as integrated and interoperable with the tools our clients use, or may wish to use, and to ensure the value of Audience Spectrum and Audience Finder is shared as widely as possible. The single customer view with the power of Audience Spectrum magnifies/amplifies the insight that each brings on its own. Audience Spectrum in Activity Stream means the relationship approach/comms/marketing can be tailored right from the first customer interaction."

For more information on Audience Spectrum licensing through Activity Stream, please contact:
Chris France, Head of Product Accounts