Planning and Capacity Manager

Areas of expertise:

  • Organisational skills
  • Supporting the consultancy and research teams in the planning and delivering of projects
  • Building and maintaining processes and systems to strengthen cross-team working

Nina helps the team create proactive and responsive resourcing to deliver consultancy services. She matches the right resources (and the right skills) to projects at the bid and delivery stages.

She also coordinates the administrative and financial processes of the consultancy team from project set-up to invoicing.

Nina has over twenty years of administrative experience, starting out in the Artiste Payments department at ITV, through rights clearance at the BBC and supporting the project management of a disability sports coaching programme for Nottinghamshire County Council. She has been the backbone of the Stephen Sondheim Society, managing membership and administrative operations for over 15 years, although she’s more a fan of The Beatles than of musical theatre.

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Our Approach

Our comprehensive service and collaborative style are enabled by a cross-cutting team of researchers and consultants.