Broaden, deepen and diversify your audience relationships, using data from both inside and outside your organisation.


For individuals who want to broaden, deepen and diversify their audience relationships, using data from both inside and outside their organisation. This workshop is applicable to anyone working with audiences in a management or leadership capacity – from marketing and fundraising to artistic/programming and community development.


Data For... Audience Development will show you how you can know about who is - and who isn't - engaging with your organisation, how to understand them and their profile, needs and behaviours and how data can help with planning and measuring ways to develop your audience.

What will you learn:

In this session, you will learn about a range of ways to use data to know your audiences better and how it can inform practical strategies for encouraging more and different people to engage with your organisation more often.


The understanding needed to plan the data to both collect and use for your audience development, techniques for making sense of it for yourself and your colleagues, and top tips for ensuring that what you do has an impact you can measure.

Thank you to our co-sponsors at Cast for hosting us.

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This event has now ended.

About the Data For... series:

Data For... is a series of diverse, highly practical workshops designed to help a wide range of cultural professionals to make more and better use of evidence and data in their work.

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