Measure the success of your projects, your impact on the community & target audiences, & understand the potential of new offers.

We specialise in both summative and formative evaluation and impact work. This means we can work with you to understand both the appeal and potential impact of new ideas you'd like to implement, and accurately measure the success of projects you're currently carrying out.

Both sides of the coin are crucial to deploying budgets efficiently and designing core offers that truly hit the mark.

Our regional, national and international evaluation expertise includes:

  • Use of a broad spectrum of evaluation models – logic model, Ixia matrix, theory of change and Actors-Resources-Activity and design and implementation of bespoke evaluation frameworks.
  • Analysis of social impacts, health and wellbeing, economic impact, partnership effectiveness, sense of place, quality of experience and skills and employment.
  • Practical frameworks for qualitative and quantitative data collection and collation.
  • Facilitated learning across multi-partner projects – peer learning networks, evaluative learning, and action learning.
  • Delivery across sectors of bespoke evaluation and research - cultural organisations, local authorities, development agencies, BIDs and other commercial developments, funding bodies, national programmes, tourism agencies and destinations.

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