Consultant - Lead for Digital Content and Skills

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Skills

Alec works on projects supporting clients with their most pressing challenges concerning digital strategy, skills, engagement and tactics. This includes how they create engaging digital content, how they ensure that their digital work is strategic and meaningful and how they can equip their organisations with the skills and literacy required to thrive in a digital world. Alec has worked with cultural professionals at all levels, from practitioners to senior leaders, in organisations of a wide range of sizes, scope and structures.

Alec has a decade of experience in supporting arts and culture professionals, at any level, with their digital skills. From pioneering a programme of digital skills support for London's cultural professionals with the Museum of London and London Museum Development; to delivering programmes of support and mentoring around digital skills and maturity for cultural organisations, in the UK and internationally, with Culture24. Through his work, Alec has supported hundreds of organisations with their digital skills, strategy and maturity; from the smallest volunteer-run heritage sites to large national museums.

Alec holds a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies. He plays and watches football, enjoys video and table-top games, but is mostly found chasing after his toddler.