When responsibilities are divided across an organisation and your offer develops in different ways over time, a visitor's experience can become fragmented.

Too often, it's easy to lose sight of how patrons experience organisations holistically, across each touchpoint - from content and curation to parking and loos. By taking an audience-centred approach, Visitor Journey Mapping allows you to clearly see the whole experience from an authentic visitor perspective and grow all segments of your audience.

How it works

  • Our expert consultancy team works with your visitors directly in an in-depth research process, identifying the ‘touchpoints’ that have had the most memorable impacts, both negative and positive.
  • Working with you to contextualise and understand the research, we will be able to take an informed approach to developing your offer and transform it into a more meaningful and rewarding experience with visitors at its heart.
  • Whether you need to assess physical journeys, digital ones or both, Visitor Journey Mapping is a highly adaptable and actionable process designed to make a concrete impact.
  • Most importantly, we focus on what's most important you, whether you want to research the visitor experience over a whole offer or specific spaces.

Shakespeare Locations VJM VisualisationpngVisualisation of a mapped visitor journey.

We can help you to

  • Assess and expand your offer

    We work with you to tailor your existing offer and spark new ideas to transform your visitor experience.

  • Use your resources more effectively

    Spend your time and budget on the right things for ultimate impact.

  • Bring everyone on board

    We help your organisation work together to ensure holistic and sustained excellence across the visitor journey.

  • Prepare for the future.

    Our team makes sure you understand the meat of our evaluation and gives you context on how to bring that knowledge forward, even as your organisation grows and changes.

Get in touch to find out more about Visitor Journey Mapping and how it could work for you