As a cultural or creative organisation, we can support you to deepen your understanding of the creativity and people in your place, to collaborate with local communities and organisations, and to assess your impact.

quick wins

Our reports and toolkits gather key information about your place and its audiences to help you to make meaningful change, fast.

bespoke consultation

We work collaboratively with your team to address your organisation's unique challenges and design long-term solutions that suit you.

Build a case for your place

A wide-ranging consultation will gather evidence of need, interest and ambition. Specially curated surveys, interviews and creative workshops will start to crystalize your vision and define the change you want to make. Then a powerful advocacy document does the hard work.

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Work to empower your community

Using human-centred-design tools, we will guide you through the process of truly co-creating your programme with your community. We can facilitate, mentor or coach you through developing an environment in which groups can lead on and realise their own ideas.

Measure and articulate your success

Work in partnership with us to refine your story of change so that you can evaluate the impact of your place-shaping work. This in-depth 'who, what, why and how' evaluation will help you to understand what is going to stick and help build resilience, as well as what you can leave behind.

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research and opportunities

An evolving library of insights from our cultural data and consultation experts gathers the latest in theory, development and practice.