Embedding a learning process in your work is an essential part of developing the best possible offers for your audience.

How do you know if you've achieved what you set out to achieve? Evaluation enables you to assess what worked and what needs refinement, and measures the true impact you've had on your audiences and in your community.

We can help you to:

  • Learn by doing. Collaboratively build and implement a full evaluation framework and delivery plan.
  • See all angles. Deliver a full scale mixed-methodology evaluation focused on the key outcomes that are important to you.
  • Make meaningful change. Distil clear learning outcomes and action points from your evaluation to ensure a continued cycle of growth.
  • Stay on track. Embed a process of reflective learning and formative insight.

Off the shelf

Our off-the-shelf solutions are quick-win ways to make meaningful change fast.

Designed for you

We work directly and collaboratively with your team to help you address your organisation's unique challenges and design long-term solutions that are right for you.

Bespoke Project Evaluation

Measure the success of projects, your impact on the community, & understand the potential of new offers.

Image of Children and adult lean on large inflatable ball - SHIFT
Image of Children at craft table

Participation Evaluation

Develop & evaluate exceptional learning programmes & gain understanding of your participatory audiences.

Visitor Journey Mapping

Evaluate and understand your visitor experience start to finish - from content & curation to parking and loos.

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