Thriving not just surviving in arts, culture, heritage & the creative industries requires resilience. We help you make the most of your assets & capabilities.

We can help you to:

  • Understand the situation. Benchmark your financial and organisational performance and use research and data to understand the marketplace.
  • Identify assets. Map your intellectual property, other assets and capabilities – and find new opportunities to exploit them.
  • Innovate with enterprise. Develop new business models and create the detailed business plans to back them up.
  • Develop capabilities. Improve your ability to be innovative and responsive.
  • Analyse options. Choose the right governance models and structures for you.
  • Win funding. Develop hybrid enterprise and fundraising approaches that resonate with funders.
  • Build partnerships. Develop strategic alliances to lower costs and increase impact.

Off the shelf

Our off-the-shelf solutions are quick-win ways for your organisation to make meaningful change fast, and start thinking about what resilience, innovation and enterprise mean to you and your future.

designed for you

We work directly and collaboratively with your team to help you address your organisation's unique challenges and develop a sustainable long-term culture of resilience, innovation and enterprise that's right for you.

Strategies, Business Plans & Models

We work collaboratively with your team in innovative ways to address your organisation's unique strategic challenges.

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Enterprise & Digital Maturity

Helping you build a roadmap to diversified, innovative enterprise and digital maturity.

Governance Options & Organisational Development

Having a clear organisational roadmap is crucial to continuing success & delivering your bottom line.

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