We use engaging design-based techniques to help different teams work together creatively to get to know and plan for future audiences.

Audience Centred Experience Design is a new approach to creating end-to-end experiences for and, crucially, with your audiences. Designed and tested by The Audience Agency with theatres, galleries and museums in 7 countries, ACED is the key to building lasting relationships with totally new and more diverse audiences.

We can help you to:

  • Engage a new audience. We work with you to design a relevant new experience - from first communication to the follow-up visit. At the same time, your whole organisation will learn…
  • Embed a culture of co-design. Your whole team will learn simple, effective techniques for co-design and co-creation.
  • Break down barriers. Learn how to identify and remove any perceived barriers you inadvertently put up, organisation-wide, which keep some people away.
  • Reach less confident audiences. We help your team to recognise what less culturally assured audiences need in order to feel welcome and included.
  • Create more relevant experiences. Learn how to use data, research and prototypes to realise new ideas, centred in real audience habits and feedback.
  • Develop a more inclusive team spirit. We help to get your teams pulling together creatively and developing positive habits for future collaboration.

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Image of Visitor Journey Mapping
Visitor Journey Mapping

When responsibilities are divided across an organisation and your offer develops in different ways over time, a visitor's experience can become fragmented.

Image of Case in Point | Services for Data Haters
Case in Point | Services for Data Haters

Harnessing user-centred design to understand how to to make data more accessible and valuable across the arts, culture and heritage community.

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Anne Torreggiani

Chief Executive Officer of The Audience Agency

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Sophia Woodley

Head of Policy Research