Engaging audiences, visitors, customers or users is at the heart of any arts organisations’ mission. Getting to know those who do, could or would like to engage is the first step towards developing long-lasting relationships.

We can help you to:

  • Know your own strengths. Realise and evaluate what you already know about your audiences in order to develop a holistic strategy, embedded with mission and purpose.
  • Make a plan. Devise and develop your audience development strategy. We can produce, facilitate or mentor your organisation’s audience development planning.
  • See the big picture. Bring together layers of evidence and insight - from population data to bespoke audience profiling.
  • Understand your audiences. Using evidence - start with profiling your audiences, build a picture of their arts and culture interests and understand what makes them tick.
  • Build an audience profile. Develop an overview of those you engage and those you don’t yet, to create a unique segmentation profile of your organisation's audiences.
  • Transform your organisation's culture. Get on the right track and your whole organisation will understand where audiences fit across the organisation and in individual roles.

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Off the shelf

Our off-the-shelf solutions are quick-win ways to make meaningful change fast.

Designed for you

We work directly and collaboratively with your team to help you address your organisation's unique challenges and design long-term solutions that are right for you.

Get a more flexible perspective on your audiences

Custom Reports help you to define and compare your own audience groups or behaviours with those of the larger Audience Finder data set.

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Image of Silhouettes against window out to Saint Pauls

Embedding a culture of audience insight in your organisation

Working with your strategic management team, we help your organisation build confidence around using data to drive decision making.

Digital for Audience Development

Find, reach, & engage digital audiences, understand digital behaviours, & develop a digitally literate culture.

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Image of Feature | Connecting a diverse programme with diverse audiences
Feature | Connecting a diverse programme with diverse audiences

Sebastian Cheswright Cater explains how Sadler’s Wells talk to its audiences with personalised precision using bespoke segmentation modelling.

Image of Case in Point | Northern Broadsides
Case in Point | Northern Broadsides

How touring theatre company, Northern Broadsides, used Audience Spectrum to exceed its fundraising goals.

Image of Feature | Meaningful Segmentation
Feature | Meaningful Segmentation

Is segmentation really the key to inclusivity and resilience? Oliver Mantell demonstrates how bespoke and off-the-shelf tools can help develop approaches for multiple audiences...

Image of Feature | What's the point of an Audience Development Plan?
Feature | What's the point of an Audience Development Plan?

Writing an audience development plan isn't just a tick box exercise, it's a valuable process.

Image of Feature | A snapshot of older audiences
Feature | A snapshot of older audiences

What are the characteristics, interests and motivations of the over-65 demographic? Lucie reveals all.

Image of Case in Point | The Roses Theatre
Case in Point | The Roses Theatre

How Audience Finder revolutionised The Roses Theatre’s fundraising and corporate sponsorship practices

Image of Report | Evidencing Libraries
Report | Evidencing Libraries

Arts Council England commissioned The Audience Agency to understand the extraordinary reach of public libraries and especially how audience research and data are accessed and used by library practitioners.

Image of Using Your Area Profile Report Plus
Using Your Area Profile Report Plus

An Area Profile Report Plus (APR+) gives a detailed view on the profile and demographics of a particular area, including splits by postcode sector.

Image of Case in Point | English Heritage Online
Case in Point | English Heritage Online

Working with English Heritage to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their online curatorial content.